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Office (Security Department)


Be responsible for affair operation in office and urging the inspection of implementation of annual work of office; be responsible for administrative affairs and urging the inspection of implementation of management system in the office; handle suggestions of NPC representatives and proposals of CPPCC members; undertake organization of party meeting in office, office meeting and important comprehensive meeting and be responsible for supervising the implementation of matters decided during the meeting; be responsible for confidentiality, secret keeping and archiving; be responsible for petition, stability maintenance, safeguard and reception; draft and organize implementation of official document and seal management systems; be responsible for news publicity and government information publication; be responsible for work on electronic government affairs and office automation; be responsible for emergency management coordination in business field.

Person in charge: Sun Xiaomin

Tel.: 029-87291583  87291504  87291591  87291368 


Human Resources Office
 Be responsible for staffing and human resources management in organs and their units; undertake selection, appointment and dismissal and daily management of leaders and cadres of party organization management in office; undertake cadre education and training, labor wages, professional and technical title appraisal and other related work; be responsible for political examination of foreign business trip and management of personal foreign trip among office management cadres; organize the implementation of annual objective responsibility appraisal.

Person in charge: Ma Ruijun

Tel.:  029-87294725  87291552  87292568  87294598

General Office (Office of Policy and Regulation)
Organize and implement national laws, regulations, rules and conventions on domestic and foreign trades and international economic cooperation; draft business development plan, make statistical summary, research and analyze the business operation conditions in the whole province, and raise opinions and suggestions on policies; draft and organize the implementation of annual investigation and research plan; be responsible for drafting important files and materials in offices; organize and draft related local regulations and government charters for business; be responsible for approval of legal issues in important agreements and contracts concerning domestic and foreign trades, international economic cooperation and foreign investments, etc. as well as research and coordination of severely disputed cases; be responsible for approval of legality of regulatory document, related administrative review and lawsuit response; be responsible for investigation of common cases among operators and other anti-trust work for the whole province; be responsible for collecting and organizing event records of business system of the whole province as well as compiling annual commercial yearbook; Collect important contact enterprise information of domestic and foreign trades; be responsible for comprehensive analysis, information publicity and legal education promotion and training of business system statistics for the whole province.

Person in charge: Duan Yongan

Tel.: 029-87294458  87291834  87294408

Financial Office
Be responsible for financial management; cooperate with related departments in coordination of policies related to business and finance, taxation and insurance, etc; undertake application and management of business funds and special funds under the charge of offices; undertake budget and settlement of funds for administrative business of offices and their units as well as management and checkout of administrative funds in offices; undertake use and management of business funds and special funds under the charge of the Department of Commerce; undertake asset management and basic construction investment of offices and approval of government purchase; be responsible for audit in their units.

Person in charge: Ai Changjun

Tel: 029-87291713  87291329  87290768  87291536

Circulation Industry Development Office
Be responsible for circulation industry management, promotion and development; draft and organize implementation of related rules. Promote construction of information and data platform in commercial circulation industry; carry out statistical analysis in commercial circulation industry; promote system reform of commercial circulation and development of modern circulation means like chain operation and franchised operation; guide provincial circulation enterprise reform and positively cultivate large enterprise groups, and raise suggestive policies that promote development of medium and small enterprise in business trades; draft, organize and implement provincial commercial logistic development planning; supervise and manage mortgage, lease, old goods circulation and other special circulation industries as per related regulations; promote energy saving and emission reduction in circulation industry; guide recycling of renewable resources; be responsible for development planning, organization and implementation of urban community commercial service network and other service facilities of public interests; guide matters related to reform of commercial enterprises for the whole province; lead to take charge of comprehensive work of domestic trade.

Person in charge: Jin Li

Tel.: 87290725  87291665  87292580

Market Operation and Consumption Promotion Office (Provincial Cocoon Silk Coordination Office)
Undertake monitoring, statistics and analysis of market operation and supply and demand conditions, take in charge of market prediction, early warning and information release; research market operation and control plans, organize and coordinate major issues in market operation; organize the implementation of important consumer goods market regulation and management for important production materials circulation, be responsible for establishing and improving emergency management mechanism for market supply of life necessities, and take in charge of storage management and market regulation for important consumer goods as per division or work; plan commercial consumption promotion as a whole and be responsible raising suggestive measures and policy to promote commercial consumption; be responsible for organizing production and sales connection of important commodities; organize and guide "3 green projects" (advocate green consumption, cultivate green market and open up the green channel), be responsible for guiding and management of "shopping basket" (a program to ease the contradiction in short food supply in China) commodity circulation industry; undertake management work related to alcohol circulation; undertake provincial daily coordination of cocoon silk; supervise and manage circulation industry of refined oil products as per related regulations; lead and guide commercial production safety.

Person in charge:  Jing Guiquan

Tel.: 029-87294050  87291560  87292735

Market System Construction Office

Organize the formulation of regulations and policies that promote construction of provincial market system and urban and rural market development, promote establishment and improvement of unified, open, competitive and orderly modern market system; guide construction of circulation service system for provincial stable product wholesale market and important commodities like vehicles; promote standardized construction of various commodity markets; promote orderly development of urban commerce, guide construction of commercial network planning and commercial systems; reinforce agricultural product market, cold chain logistics and other infrastructure construction, promote production and sales connection and the link between farmers and supermarkets, promote construction, restructuring and update of rural market system, and cultivate and develop rural market; draft policies and measures to expand agricultural product processing, sales channel, improve rural commercial facilities and promote rural consumption, etc.; organize implementation of rural chain operation and establish modern circulation network system; supervise and manage vehicle circulation (new and second-handed) as per related regulations; guide management of scrapped cars, and regulate automobile and construction material markets.

Person in charge: Yang Anli

Tel.: 029-87294051  87290663  87290739

Market Order Office
Lead the coordination of work related to renovation and regulation of market order for the whole province and raise relevant suggestions, establish and improve related early warning, supervision and appraisal system; coordinate with breaking market monopoly, industrial monopoly and regional block; promote commercial credit construction for the whole province, guide commercial credit sales, establish market honesty and public service platform; lead to take charge of regulating management of commercial prepaid card; participate in organizing struggling against commercial frauds; undertake meat storage and market regulation for the province; undertake management related to drug circulation, draft and organize implementation of regulations, standards and policies for drug circulation; be responsible for supervision and management of domestic and foreign direct sales; lead to organize the regulation of promotion by retail enterprises and fair trade relationship among retailers and suppliers; lead to take charge of work related to food safety industrial management and construction of traceability system in circulation industry.

Person in charge: Ren Ning

Tel.: 029-87294526  87294527  87294876    87290742  87294519

Commerce and Trade Service Office
Draft and organize implementation of development planning of commerce and trade service industry; promote the development of various business districts and featured blocks in the province; undertake management and statistical analysis on provincial catering industry, hotel industry, household services industry, household appliance service industry and other traditional service industries; conduct industrial management on exhibition industry for the whole province, cultivate leading exhibition enterprises, brand exhibition and special talents for exhibition; be responsible for supporting Chinese time-honored brand protection and promotion; supervise and manage development of auction industry for the whole province.

Person in charge: Bi Pingyang

Tel.: 029-87293736  87294534  87294525

Foreign Trade Office (Provincial Mechanical and Electrical Product Import and Export Office)
Lead to draft the development plans for provincial foreign trades as well as the policies for promotion and expansion of foreign trade; be responsible for coordination and management of quota and license of imported and exported commodities, organize and guide quota bid invitation of these commodities; be responsible for promotion of important industrial product, raw material, important agricultural product, light industrial product and other trades; guide quality promotion of exported products in the province as well as market diversification, promote exported brand construction; be responsible for filing and registration of operators of foreign trades; be responsible for application and preliminary approval of projects related to special funds for foreign trade development; guide the whole province to go abroad for various imported and exported goods trade fair; lead to take in charge of comprehensive work of foreign trades; implement national policies, regulations and contents related to mechanical and electrical products and new high-tech products import and export; be responsible for management and supervision of importation and exportation of mechanical and electrical products and new high-tech products in the whole province as well as application and preliminary approval of related project funds; be responsible for guidance, supervision and services of international bid invitation activities of mechanical and electrical products for the whole province; organize implementation of processing trade management; coordinate and guide work related to exportation processing areas.

Person in charge: Wang Hongwei

Tel.: 029-87292632 87291527  87291535  87292519

Service Trade Office
Implement national policies on service trade and technology trade management; draft and organize implementation of provincial service trade development planning; conduct monitoring, statistics and analysis on provincial service trades; guide service trade promotion system and service trade exportation brand construction, promote service trade public platform construction and promote exportation of key service trade areas; undertake service outsourcing business management; implement national policies and rules on import and export control, conduct preliminary approval or verification on the import and export of precursor chemicals and dual-purpose items and technologies.

Person in charge: Zhang Jianwei

Tel.: 029-87294645  87291505

E-commerce and Information Office
Draft provincial e-commerce development planning, draft and organize implementation of policies and measures related to promote enterprises in the utilization of e-commerce to explore domestic and foreign markets; support e-commerce for medium and small enterprises, promote healthy development of online shopping and cross-border e-commerce; promote e-commerce service system construction; establish e-commerce statistical analysis and credit appraisal system; draft and organize implementation of provincial domestic and foreign trades and international economic cooperation information-based construction planning; be responsible for planning and  organizing implementation of public commercial information service system; organize import and export early warning, market operation and commodity supply and demand monitoring system construction; coordinate to solve major issues in information work; be responsible for organizing commercial information training and communication.

Person in charge: Wang Fahe

Tel.: 029-87291591  87291528

Foreign Investment Management Office
Implement national laws, regulations and rules on foreign investment, guide and coordinate the whole province in the utilization of foreign investment, and participate in the formulation of strategy planning for the development of provincial utilization of foreign investments; conduct statistics and analysis of overall provincial foreign investment conditions, research and release trends related to utilization of foreign investment; approve enterprises with foreign investment within jurisdiction to establish and change matters by law; be responsible for approving foreign non-enterprise economic organizations to establish resident representative office in Shaanxi; undertake recognition of projects that encourage foreign investment; supervise and inspect enterprises with foreign investment in performance of related laws, regulations, contracts and charters, and participate in the coordination of problems occurred during operation of enterprise with foreign investment.

Person in charge: Huang Xulin

Tel.: 029-87294618 87293499 87292652 87294456

International Economic Cooperation Office
Be responsible for guiding go-out plans for all kinds of enterprises in the province, draft and organize implementation of development plans for provincial foreign investment and economic cooperation; guide and manage provincial contracted projects, labor service cooperation and other foreign economic cooperation business, manage operation qualification declaration of related enterprises; support various types of enterprises in the province to enhance global value chain integration and internationalized operation power, carry out internationalized operation by establishing or merging research and development institutions, absorbing advanced production factors and establishing overseas marketing network and overseas investment trading service platform, etc, and promote healthy and stable enterprise development; be responsible for permission, check, filing and approval and licensing of operation qualifications for foreign investment, contracted projects, labor service cooperation and foreign aid as well as statistical analysis for the whole province; cooperate with related departments in charge of provincial foreign investment, contracted project, foreign labor service safety protection, emergency treatment and rights and interest protection for foreign labor services, etc.

 Person in charge: Wang Jian

Tel.: 029-87291575  87292527  87293790  87291976


World Trade and Fair Trade Office
Guide and coordinate anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, protective measures implemented by foreign countries to the province and other work related to import and export fair trade; be responsible for investigation of industrial impairment in provincial cases about anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and protective measures, establish and improve safety early warning mechanism, and carry out industrial competitiveness investigation, industrial safety response and effect appraisal; guide and coordinate related provincial departments and intermediate organizations to carry out industrial safety response; establish import and export fair trade early warning mechanism; coordinate related provincial affairs concerning WTO; coordinate with organizing various import and export trade fair, conference, exhibition and other trade promotion activities; be responsible for provincial trade policy compliance review.

Person in charge: Zhai Beiqin

Tel.: 029-87291626  87290767

Foreign Affairs Liaison Office
Be responsible for guiding units related to business system to perform commercial foreign affair policies and disciplines for the whole province; be responsible for coordinating and scheduling protocol and translation work for office leaders in foreign affairs; be responsible for planning, approval, report and management of business trips abroad among offices and their units; be responsible for receiving important foreign economic trade representative groups; be responsible for approval of issuance of authorized unit visa invitation for foreign commercial personnel in Shaanxi; be responsible for liaison work among commercial departments of embassies, governments of various countries and related economic organizations stationed in Shaanxi and economic organizations stationed in foreign countries, foreign commercial institutions, trade organizations and key enterprises in China; manage multilateral and bilateral non-reimbursable aid and donation (not including donations of foreign governments and international financial organizations under financial cooperation); be responsible for work related to multilateral and bilateral areas, free trade areas and industrial parks.

Person in charge: Ning Yongjie

Tel.: 029-87292090  87291673  87292050

Investment Promotion Office
Be responsible for the research and drafting of provincial investment invitation policies and measures, and guide investment invitation work for the whole province; be responsible for preparing and organizing implementation of medium and long term planning and annual plan of provincial domestic investment promotion; be responsible for interprovincial economic cooperation, carry out investigation research and information integration of domestic economic cooperation communication; be responsible for planning and construction of key domestic investment invitation activities; be responsible for statistics and analysis as well as project tracing and service of investment from other provinces to Shaanxi; be responsible for preparing provincial annual utilization plan for special funds from investment invitation; contact Shaanxi chambers of commerce in other provinces and their (District, City) chambers of commerce in Shaanxi with high quality services.

Person in charge: Li Yarong

Tel.: 029-87291287  87294428  87291286  87291864

Foreign Investment Service Office
Be responsible for preparing annual provincial foreign investment promotion plans; plan and organize the implementation of major domestic and foreign activities involved with foreign investments; be responsible for construction of commercial platform stationed in foreign countries and daily contact; establish foreign investments promotion merchants resource library to provide information services for introduction of foreign investments in the province; be responsible for construction and publicity of Shaanxi investment guidance website; trace and promote landing of key foreign invested projects; be responsible for investigation, research and analysis of provincial investment environment, establish comprehensive appraisal mechanism for provincial investment environment and raise policy proposals; accept and coordinate to solve matters on complaints from foreign investment enterprises

Person in charge: Li Weifeng

Tel.: 029-87291437  87291520  87294561  87294981

Development Zone Work Office
 Coordinate and guide work in various national or provincial development zones, draft and organize implementation of development zone planning in the province; be responsible for approving and reporting of establishment and revocation of various national and provincial development zones; guide and organize domestic and foreign investment promotion activities in development zones; be responsible for investment inviting personnel training and performance appraisal as well as key project tracing service, comprehensive statistics and analysis and comprehensive development level appraisal; undertake tasks related to economic and trading communications with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Person in charge: Wang Shujian

Tel.: 029-87294418  87291837  87292565  87291077 

Organization Party Committee

Be responsible for party-masses work of organizations and directly affiliated units.

Person in charge: Yang Jianrong

Tel.: 87291781

Retiree Service Management Office

Be responsible for management of organization retiree services and guide management of retiree serves in directly affiliated units.

Person in charge: Li Zhirong

Tel.: 029-87293784  87444273  87294598

Discipline Inspection Group and Inspection Office

Set as per related regulations

Person in charge: Liu Yuanhui

Tel.: 029-87291619  87291584