Flight Routes to Countries along the Silk Road Opened as Part of Shaanxi Province’s Economic Reform Strategy
Date: 2015-8-20

Where is Shaanxi’s economic system reform heading? On July 29th, during the 13th standing meeting of the provincial government, Opinions on the Priorities of Deepening Economic Reform were carried out. Centering on letting the market play a decisive role and guaranteeing people’s basic welfare, 18 items of reform will be launched.
Pricing reform: significant reduction on pricing categories and items by the government to liberate the pricing of competitive commodities and service. Abolishment of provincial-controlled and government priced drugs. Clarifying non-residential use natural gas price and accelerate the implementation of tiered pricing mechanism of residential water and gas usage.
Innovation-driven: take the opportunity of Xi’an as a national pilot zone of innovation and reform. Build Xi’an high-tech innovation zone-Yangling Pilot Zone and support Xi’an Jiaotong University’s master plan of scientific innovation port construction.
Fiscal and financing: further expand the scope of the pilot reform program to replace the business tax with a value-added tax , roll out the Opinion on the Accelerating Internet Finance Development and conduct trial of private banking. Moreover, streamlining administration and delegating power are also important to abolish and delegate more critical approval items.
Urbanization: harmonize urban and rural household registration management and fully implement residency certificate system. Implement the reform of “County Administrated by Province” and support the revision of developed townships’ administrative jurisdictions. We will also encourage qualified regions to organize rural land ownership transfer transaction market.
Deepening reform: explore new ways to connect the east with the world to attract Fortune 500 companies to establish their presence in Shaanxi; encourage local companies to go global; promote the establishment of pilot zones for e-commerce in Xi’an.
Open direct air routes and cargo carriers to connect Xi’an with countries along the “Belt and Road”; strive to attract the third cooperation project between the Singaporean and Chinese government to locate in Shaanxi.
Education reform: implementing a location-based enrollment system on the level of compulsory education and implement the education policy to grant migrate workers’ children the right to local compulsory education.
Medical reform: promote comprehensive medical pilot reform in one city and 10 countries. To gradually grant the access to hospital running to private investors, form more medical groups and comprehensively implement major disease insurance system covering both urban and rural residents.
Cultural sector: set up pilot councils in public libraries, museums, cultural center, technology center, promote the common development of traditional and emerging media and support the development of micro-and small cultural enterprises.
Income distribution: promote reform of old-age insurance scheme for government units and establish a uniform old-age care insurance system, roll out provincial management method of occupational pension and launch pilot insurance for troubled children.