South Korean investment in Shaanxi increased by 91.7% in January - July
Date: 2015-8-24

According to provincial Commerce Department, in the first seven months, Shaanxi newly approved 70 foreign-invested enterprises, with contract value of US$ 1.91 billion, down 14.5% year on year, and actually utilized foreign investment of US$ 2.357 billion, up 2.35% year on year. Of these enterprises 17 were from South Korea, with contract value reaching US$ 1,027.72 million, up 96.5% and actually utilized investment reaching US$ 1,702.90 million, up 91.7%.
According to statistics, in the first seven months, foreign investment actually utilized by the primary industry in Shaanxi was US$ 8.45 million, decreased by 46.3%. That was utilized by the secondary industry was US$ 2,134.19 billion, increased by 33.5%. And that was utilized by the tertiary industry was US$ 214.83 billion, decreased by 68.8%. Foreign enterprises from 13 countries and regions made investment in Shaanxi. Hong Kong and South Korean became the top 2 investors, and Xianyang, Shangluo and Yanglin were major foreign investment destinations. Xianyang attracted US$ 104.92 million in terms of contract foreign investment, up 321.9%, and actually imported investment of US$ 84.48 million, up 65.5%. Shangluo attracted US$ 14.26 million, up 148.9%, and Yangling Demonstration Area attracted US$ 17.58 million, up 75.5%.