Shaanxi takes various measures to deeply promote social entrepreneurship and innovation
Date: 2015-8-27

It is reported that 108 enterprises and teams will advance to finals of Shaanxi Scientific and Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, according to the press conference held on August 12. Meanwhile, various measures will be taken to further promote social entrepreneurship and innovation.
Shaanxi will work to build an integrated system of industries and scientific research institutions that is accessible to the whole society, and allow scientific and technological personnel be endowed with stock shares proportionate to intellectual properties. Large enterprises will be guided to adjust R&D systems in a way that they are willing to provide funds, equipment, facilities and other resources, and give incentives and support to existing scientific and technological personnel or new talents who would lead or found independent corporate enterprises. During this process and in accordance with central and provincial government policies, scientific and technological personnel will be endowed with shares proportionate to their intellectual properties; large enterprises will be encouraged to release their R&D needs to the public, and set up docking platform for medium, small, and micro businesses with innovation teams. Enterprises can publish technological requirements, attract small and micro businesses and teams from society to participate in bidding and tackling key problems, and then select an optimized solution. Large enterprises will also be encouraged to apply Internet thinking to their own development plan, set foot in emerging sectors such as 3D printing, mobile Internet, Internet of Things (IoT), robot and big data, and position investment in prospective industries and support the development of emerging industries and small and micro businesses.
Integration of technology and finance will be further developed with a series of venture capital funds being imported and set up. Shaanxi will give a full play to provincial guidance funds for commercialization of research findings, attract domestic and foreign institutional investors to set up venture capital funds for enterprises at different stages, and form an interdependent investment system consisting of seed funds, angel funds, VCs and PE funds. Shaanxi will also vigorously support technology loans, insurances and bonds, and improve development thinking of our entrepreneurs and their capability in docking capital.
Shaanxi will work hard to develop MakerSpaces and establish a nurturing system of early startup projects that covers the whole province. Shaanxi will build a provincial service system for MakerSpaces, encourage the establishment of emerging incubation platforms such as startup labs, startup cafes, startup apartments and technological associations and media communities that use colleges, universities, institutions and high-tech zones as bases. Shaanxi will improve talent supporting system to better direct college graduates, social innovators and entrepreneurs through hardship in startup periods and achieve steady development.
According to the press conference, the finals of Shaanxi Scientific and Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will be held at Shaanxi Science and Technology Resources Integration Center on August 17 to 21 and August 24 to 27 respectively.