Shaanxi Launched Various Measures on Promoting Interconnection under One Belt, One Road
Date: 2015-8-31

As introduced by the Provincial Government, Shaanxi has launched various platforms to promote the interconnection under One Belt, One Road, such as the three-dimensional transportation network enabling countries along Silk Road linking with each other, efforts on the economic and trade cooperation injecting new vigor for the Silk Road economic belt, cultural and education exchanges and international tourism carried out by their respective local festival activities enabling the golden development period, and the pragmatic cooperation in agricultural technology, health, education and other sectors promoting the prosperity for countries along the Silk Road.
Chang’an Freight Train, Xi’an Port, New Airlines Link Countries along Silk Road
Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, the first port enjoy the transit-free policy in 72 hours in Northwest China with 27 international routes, realized the passenger throughput of 15.74 million in the first half year, up by 15% year on year.
As the Xi’an port as a part of the international trade and transport system put into operation, Chang’an Freight Train linking Xi’an and Eurasia has accumulated to ran 100 times. The three-dimensional transportation network enabled countries along the Silk Road linking with each other.
Moreover, the three-dimensional port network based on a series of open platforms like Xi’an port, Chang’an train, opening ports and cross-border e-business is playing its important role in promoting the interconnection of One Belt, One Road.
By the end of 2014, 18,000 boxes of pure milk originated from Australia were directly delivered from Melbourne to Xi’an. Since then, Xi’an has realized the sea-rail transportation. In May 2015, Chinese Customs launched 16 items of measures on promoting the interconnection in an all-round manner among countries along One Belt, One Road.
In July 2015, Xi’an International Trade and Logistics Park was approved as the national e-commerce demonstration base. Rely on the operation of Xi’an comprehensive bonded zone, Xi’an railway container transit center, Xi’an port and the first-class ports, the Park has introduced a lot of leading e-commerce companies to settle down, and therefore, it has become the new highland for the e-commerce cluster along the Silk Road belt. Besides, the cross-border e-commerce further promoted the steady and prosperous development.
In addition, Xi’an Eurasian Economic Park, Sino-Russia Silk Road Hi-tech Industrial Park, Sino-Kazakhstan Apple Park, and Konggang New Town in Xixian New Area are also classic cases for Shaanxi to undertake the industrial cooperation by means of park along the Silk Road.
As prescribed in Action Planning on Shaanxi One Belt, One Road Construction in 2015 issued in July 2015 by the People’ Government of Shaanxi, the province will get through the information channel of the Silk Road economic belt and realize the all-round interconnection in road, rail, airlines, network and information.
According to Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park, by the end of 2017, the annual turnover in the park will exceed 100 billion yuan, with the cross-border trade over 100 million yuan and ecommerce companies hitting 2,000 so as to boost Xi’an and Shaanxi gradually developing as the leading e-commerce industrial highland in West China and even the whole country.
Cultural and Educational Exchanges Made People along Silk Road Closely Linked Together
Apart from promoting opening wider to the world by clearance measures, Shaanxi will continue holding Silk Road international film festival, art festival and Silk Road international tourism conference, build Silk Road international cultural town, and international cultural trading center, organize to carry out a series of exchange activities, all of which will usher in the golden period for the development of cultural and education exchanges.
These exchange and cooperation platforms opening wider to the west, together with the annual ITFCEW & Silk Road Expo, Eurasian Economic Forum and other carriers, promote the overall interconnection in all sectors under the strategy of One Belt, One Road.
The top priority of the international relationship lies on people’s exchanges. The more exchanges, the further deepening of the relationship among countries. Dai Bin, President of China Tourism Research Institute, expects that Shaanxi could bring its role into full play to commercialize the tourism resources and promote the regional and even the international tourism cooperation.
Zheng Xinmiao, China’s famous scholar and former president of the Palace Museum, said, “The Silk Road witnessed the friendship between China and Eurasian countries in thousands of years. The new journey we start today is not only the construction of the Silk Road economic belt, but also mutual exchanges between China and international cultural, which could be considered as a new starting point of the human civilization.”
It probably is a fashionable thing to experience the prosperity of the ancient Silk Road and visit the morning bell and evening drum of the Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty.
Li Zhonghang, Executive Vice President of Tang West Market, the private cultural company in Shaanxi, introduced that Tang West Market and UNESCO spared no effort to combing company’s dream with national and country’s dreams. And therefore, the company launched five projects like Silk Road folk street, Silk Road trade and cultural expo and Silk Road exhibition in s in succession and built a civil cultural exchange platform on Silk Road.
Cooperation Platform on Science, Education and Agricultural Technology Made Mutual Benefits
Direct trade and economic cooperation and assistance for reconstruction brings in more benefits for countries and regions along the Belt and the Road, but technical cooperation and training exchanges will further boost the sustainable development and prosperity for them.
Shaanxi Yangling Huicheng Fruit Company is a fine apple company with its own dwarf close planting technology and water-saving irrigation system. Recently, the apple demonstration park bringing in the companies breeds and techniques has been completed in Kazakhstan with an area of 150 mus.
General Manager Guo Lanjun said, “Kazakhstan was used to relying on apple imports. But in fact, it is an ideal place to plant apples, just lack of good breeds and techniques.”
Since last year, Yangling Demonstration Zone has boosted a number of agribusinesses to take cooperation with those in the Central Asian countries in greenhouse technology, flowers planting and other fields. Yangling Leda biotechnology company  has invested 600 million yuan in Kyrgyzstan to build the forage planting and processing demonstration base and greenhouse flower breeding base, which could benefit local 100,000 farmers and herdsmen.
Located in Xi'an, Northwestern University set up a training program for 1,000 talents for the construction of the Silk Road economic belt, which aims to take 10 years to recruit and train 1,000 petrochemicals professionals in Kyrgyzstan.
In 2015, more than 80 Kyrgyzstan trainees came to Xi’an for study. They can not only retain their jobs and basic wages but also enjoy subsidies of 1,000 yuan per month and the all-inclusive tuition provided by Central Asian Energy Co., Ltd.
Wang Jiulong, Manager of General Affairs of Central Asia Energy said, the company will recruit 700 local employees in two years and realize the ratio of Chinese and Kyrgyzstan employees hitting 2:8. Besides, the refinery project can create about 2,000 indirect jobs via driving up the matching industrial development.
It is said that Shaanxi will take the Yangling CAF as a platform to take cooperation with Central Asian companies to build the dry farming technology research and development center, technology promotion demonstration base and cooperation parks, relying on Yangling advanced agricultural bases, talents and educational resources, and hold the concept planning and design invitational tournament on scientific technology innovation park untaken by Xi’an Jiaotong University.