Output of Shaanxi Hi-tech Zones Rose by 10%
Date: 2015-8-31

Despite the increasing downward pressure on the overall economy, the economic development in Shaanxi hi-tech zones kept a relatively high-speed growth and became an important force for the province to realize the innovative and leap development in economy, according to the Provincial Science and Technology Department.
In the first half of this year, revenues of the province’s six national high-tech zones, together with two provincial high-tech zones in Ankang and Yan'an hit 653 billion yuan with an increase of 14.0%; the total industrial output was 512.4 billion yuan with an increase of 10.5%; the industrial added value was 167.812 billion yuan, accounting for 48.1 percent of the province’s total with an increase of 12.8 percent, accounting for over 20% of the province's GDP; foreign exchanges through exports hit $5.822 billion, up by 27.8 percent; investment in fixed assets hit 82.739 billion yuan, up by 12.7%. In addition, other major economic indicators in the province's high-tech zones maintained a double-digit growth year on year, and he growth rate far exceeded the provincial average. Among them, the net profit rose by 14.0 percent, the paid taxes increased by 17.4%. These achievements created about a half of the province’s total added value, a seventh of total export value and a eighth of total investment in fixed assets.
Companies above the designated size in the six national high-tech zones realized the revenues of 562.694 billion yuan in the first half year, the total industrial value of 459.459 billion yuan, added value of 155.235 billion yuan, net profit of 24.007 billion yuan, paid taxes of 32.288 billion yuan, and foreign exchanges through exports of 5.668 billion yuan. Moreover, the revenues of core business accounted for over two thirds of the province’s total, the sum of industrial output, industrial added value and paid taxes accounted for nearly a half of the province’s total, and the year-on-year growth was far more than the province’s average.
In the development process of the province's high-tech zones, high-tech companies played an increasingly leading role in the innovation and development. Up to now, there are more than 1,200 companies engaged in high technology in the eight zones, accounting for 80% of the province’s total. Meanwhile, they also become the main and important reserve resources of the province’s listed companies.