Shaanxi Issued Medium and Long-term Planning on Logistics Development
Date: 2015-9-10

Shaanxi Issued Medium and Long-term Planning on Logistics Development

Recently, the provincial government issued the Medium and Long-term Planning on Logistics Development 2015-2020 (hereinafter referred as “Planning”) to accelerate the modern logistics development, establish and perfect a modern logistics service system, enhance logistics industrial development level, and provide logistics service guarantee for building a well-off society.

The Planning put forward that by 2020, Shaanxi will basically build a complete and environment-friendly modern logistics network service system with rational layout, advanced technology, safety and high efficiency, comprehensively form the new pattern on logistics development with the international and domestic logistics synchronization, virtual and entity logistics integration so as to develop the logistics services as the pillar industry of the province and make Shaanxi become the international trade and commerce center under One Belt, One Road. By 2020, Shaanxi will reduce the ratio of logistics costs in GDP to about 14%, or 2 percentage points lower than the current level, increase the province's total annual cargo by 8 percent, reaching 2.5 billion tons, with the rail freight accounting for 25% and aviation freight throughput hitting 300,000 tons, increase the added value of logistics by 2-3 percentage points higher than the current growth rate, or 1 percentage point higher than the current proportion in GDP, realize the national A-Class logistics companies hitting 100 with 10 5A-Class companies, and increase the average profit margin of logistics companies by 2 percentage points.

The Planning determined to accelerate the development and expansion of logistics companies, actively introduce Japan Express, Alibaba and other logistics and e-commerce companies to set up headquarters in the province, improve the distribution capabilities and the level of openness, spare no effort to build a logistics infrastructure network with the core node of Great Xi'an, first-node of Baoji, Yulin and Ankang, second-node of Tongchuan, Weinan, Yan'an, Hanzhong, Shangluo and Yangling, and third-node of all counties and districts to form a 1-3-6 type logistics network. Meanwhile, Shaanxi will strive for great breakthrough made in aviation logistics and new-type sectors, pay attention to the Phase III project of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport for national pilots under the Third Freedom, Fifth Freedom and Eighth Freedom, comprehensively improve the capacity in cargo handling, cluster, information integration, customs clearance and supply chain finance, introduce port administrations like Qingdao Port and international famous companies to set up branches and offices in Shaanxi, support the construction of 10 national demonstration logistics parks, ensure the smooth trade on consumer goods, industrial goods, bulk commodities, e-commerce, logistics, and foreign trade, and build the national express corporate headquarter base with all strength. Shaanxi aims to realize the annual express volume hitting 1 billion with the turnover hitting 10 billion yuan, respectively.

As required in the Planning, the province will strengthen the supervision and examination on the implementation of logistics measures and boost the implementation one by one. And Logistics land could enjoy industrial warehouse land policy. Moreover, the province will accelerate the establishment of a multi-level guarantee system, including financial contribution and social capital investment, and research the establishment of provincial investment fund in logistics industry.