Ministry of Commerce Issues the Report on Chinese Foreign Trade (Autumn 2015)
Date: 2015-11-25
Ministry of Commerce Issues the Report on Chinese Foreign Trade (Autumn 2015)
The Ministry of Commerce issued the Report on Chinese Foreign Trade (Autumn 2015) (hereinafter referred to as the Report) on November 5. The Report reviews the running condition of Chinese foreign trade in the first three quarters in 2015 and looks forward to the development trend of Chinese foreign trade in the whole 2015 and 2016.

The Report believes that it is estimated that the Chinese export scale in 2015 will be the same as the first half year from the perspective of all factors. Worldwide, the development situation of Chinese foreign trade is relatively favorable and the drop is lower than the average drop of the global trade and that of the majority of the major economies. In 2016, the external environment faced by the Chinese foreign trade development is still complicated. The demand of the international market is still low, the traditional competitive advantages are still being weakened and the trade frictions are slightly increasing. However, the policy environment of Chinese foreign trade development will be further optimized and the new advantage and power of foreign trade competition can also be constantly accumulated.

The Report points out that faced with the complex situation of foreign trade development, the Chinese government will continue to expand the opening up, encourage developing the foreign trade, strive to break the deep-rooted contradictions restricting the foreign trade development, work on the structure adjustment, cultivate the new advantages the foreign trade competition. China will further improve the facilitation level of foreign trade, accelerate promoting the development of the new commercial pattern of foreign trade, continue to strengthen the import, deepen the practical cooperation with its trade and economic partners, create more favorable conditions for foreign trade enterprises to improve their confidence, and stabilize the market shares.