9 major investment negotiations and more than 600 journalists at China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair
9 major investment negotiations and more than 600 journalists at China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair
Date: 2016-11-8

9 major investment negotiations and more than 600 journalists at China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair

According to Sanqin Daily, the 23rd Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair will hold 9 major investment negotiations. In order to make sure the trade amount is authentic, the fair organizes 6 special groups for statistic, summary and report.

Following a simple, pragmatic and efficient principle and after well-organized screening, there will be 9 major investment negotiations currently. Among these negotiations, 2 contract-signings, 7 special negotiations for cities and counties, 5 special signing events they are Xi’an, Baoji, Xianyang, Tongchuan and Hancheng; Launching Ceremony of Yulin New World Alliance as well as Shangluo Walnut High-End Forum and special signing activities. The major activities are prepared intensely and orderly, striving to make every activity achieving real results. Apart from the special signing events, Yangling Demonstration Zone will hold the Cross-border Investment Project Matching Fair of Silk Road Economic Belt, Taiwan Agricultural Association Enters Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair, 2016 Cross-Strait Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, final round of Shaanxi First Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Contest and others total 11 investment activities with different themes.

With the spreading of the Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair’s effect, the exhibition area, groups and exhibitors are becoming much more, the trading achievement has increased significantly. In order to make sure that the trading amount is authentic, accurate and objective, the committee for planning and preparation arranged invincible troops in statistics, building a statistic group for trading negotiation, totally 6 special working groups to statistic, summary and report daily on exhibition hall (district) booth on-site transactions and contract amounts, investment negotiations and trading activities signing as well as trading volume, agricultural technology transfer and arid plant variety right transactions, on-line agricultural hi-tech fair and other on-line transactions four parts, designate specific person on the trading amount of major exhibition area, activities and groups, striving to make the statistic covering all, no missing items and dead-zone free, make sure the statistic result is overall, authentic and accurate.

The agricultural science and technology achievements of this Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair will issue in 2016 Modern Agricultural Yangling Publish series activities. The time was planned at 14:00 to 14:30 on November 6th in East Square of Hall A. (Sanqin Daily reporter Zhang Wei)

More than 600 journalists focusing

Recently, the reporter was informed that there will be more than 600 journalists interview and reporter this event coming from China, Shaanxi province even abroad. China Daily, China Daily overseas network, SOHO and various media asked to participate in the event. At that time, various media will adopts many new technologies propagate the agricultural hi-tech fair in omni-directional and multi-angle perspective, the media publicity is unprecedented.

It is learned that the CCTV Topics in Focus, CCTV7 Science and Technology sponsors will come to the Fair to conduct a special program, during the Fair, the major on-line media will show us the new technologies such as the VR live panorama, 720° panoramic wander, UAV high altitude view etc; CRI Shaanxi will broadcast the Fair to the world by English, German etc total five languages. There will also have migrant workers, college students, experts and professors as well as “Belt and Road” overseas students and specialist journalists report the Fair by their unique perspective and feelings.