Shaanxi to Build Platform for the Belt and Road Cooperation through Tourism
Shaanxi to Build Platform for the Belt and Road Cooperation through Tourism
Date: 2017-5-19

Shaanxi to Build Platform for the Belt and Road Cooperation through Tourism


With implementation of the Belt and Road, Shaanxi ushers in a new era of cultural and tourism cooperation. As the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, Shaanxi adopts a series of effective measures in terms of tourism exchange cooperation platform and expansion of international routes to promote the awareness of brilliant and long-standing cultural tourism resources in countries along the Silk Road.

Recently Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Administration welcomed a media group composed of 6 members from Italian Travel Journalist Association for sightseeing and exchange. Sara, a 37-year-old journalist with the Daily Republic said that this was her 3rd visit to China and 1st time to Xi’an. During her stay, she was impressed by the Chinese people’s enthusiasm as always and the energetic ancient city.

“Xi’an is a city full of energy and abundant historical relics. In the past, we preferred travels to Thailand and Japan. But with increase of China’s publicity for tourism, China has become a popular destination for us nowadays. ” said Sara.

Maurizio is a 66-year-old editor at a newspaper office in a town in northern Italy. “Xi’an and Rome are both perfect ancient cities combining modern civilization and historical culture. Though there is a long distance between us, the enthusiasm for music and art brought us together. With a long-standing historical glory, both the two cities have generated tremendous excitement among people all over the world.” he said.

As the starting point of the ancient Silk Road and upon the Belt and Road Initiative, tourism departments in Shaanxi Province seized the opportunity to establish a huge platform to promote cooperation and exchange. The successful convening of Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo (XSRITE) for three consecutive years has laid a solid foundation for Shaanxi tourism to go global.

Meng Baomin, press spokesman for Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Administration said that 32 countries attended the 1st XSRITE and 33 countries attended the 2nd XSRITE; the 3rd XSRITE attracted 42 countries including a large number of international buyers and tourists who showed particular interest in Shaanxi tourism.

To facilitate XSRITE and promote cooperation among countries along the Belt and Road, direct flights from Xi’an to Helsinki and Rome are open.

“The tourist routes we offer can be divided into two categories, namely the ancient Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road. In addition to the former routes in Southeast Asia, we offer Xi’an-Bali direct flight tours now.” said Yin Ziqiang from Xi’an International Travel Service.

Until now, 45 international direct flight routes are operated at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport with international flight number of 145 in a week and passenger throughput close to 37 million person-times.

“An international network covering a wide range of areas has effectively connected Shaanxi with the world, bringing more passenger and freight throughput.” said Wei Zhaochang from Xi'an Xianyang International Airport.