Shaanxi Coal Chemical Technology Won Praises from the US Governor
Shaanxi Coal Chemical Technology Won Praises from the US Governor
Date: 2017-6-28

Shaanxi Coal Chemical Technology Won Praises from the US Governor 


In 2015, Shaanxi Province and Wyoming of the United States, both characterized by their rich coal resources, became friendly provinces. Matthew Meade, the Governor of the State of Wyoming, expressed his will to cooperate with Shaanxi for it leads the world in the coal chemical technology when participating in the 2017 Silk Road International Expo (SRIE).

On the morning of June 5, Matthew Meade planted a magnolia tree in the International Friendship Garden of the Xi’an Botanical Garden and unveiled the memorial stone for Shaanxi Province and Wyoming. What is worth mentioning is that the tree is a hybrid cultivation of Mulan from the United Nations and magnolia from China, which shows the cooperation and friendship between China and the United States. The Governor said that it was a great honor for him to have the opportunity to plant a friendly tree of Shaanxi and Wyoming in the Xi’an Botanical Garden since Wyoming is the first state to plant a tree in the Garden.

Last year, the coal production of Wyoming was 400 million tons while that of Shaanxi was 500 million tons, said the Governor. Wyoming and Shaanxi, as two major provinces rich in energy, have the same industries with similar opportunities and challenges; how to expand the coal industrial chain and utilize the energy more cleanly and efficiently has always been the emphasis of Wyoming. Therefore, the first stop of the Governor, accompanied by the scholars from the United States, was the laboratory of Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry. What excited Meade the most was that the enterprises and the research institutions of Shaanxi Province are leading the world in the fine processing of coal and the recycling of coal and slag. He said that Shaanxi has advanced science and technology in coal processing and utility; by fully analyzing and decomposing the elements of coal, they can use the coal to generate electricity and produce other high value-added products, which can double the value of coal and reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide at the same time. “These are cutting-edge researches and we are in an urgent need to solve these problems”, said Meade.

At the 2017 SRIE, Matthew Meade witnessed the signing of the cooperation agreements between Shaanxi Provincial Institude Of Energy Resource & Chemical Engineering and the University of Wyoming, as well as Welldog of the United States. He was satisfied with the substantial achievements made by the two parties and hoped that there would be more cooperations in the future.

Wyoming has the first national park, the Yellowstone National Park, and the first national forest and monument in the United States. On the farmland and pasture spreading over the western of Wyoming, the natives still maintain the traditional way of grazing; additionally, the excellent skiing facilities and other outdoor recreational facilities in the mountain areas make Wyoming a good choice for Shaanxi people to spend their holiday, so the Governor extended his warm invitation to Shaanxi people and he also hoped that the ordinary people from the United States can have the same opportunity to come to Shaanxi and appreciate the history and culture of the Province, because such cultural communications between the two countries can add to their mutual understanding.