“Xi’an Speed” Needed on the “Belt and Road”
“Xi’an Speed” Needed on the “Belt and Road”
Date: 2017-6-28

“Xi’an Speed” Needed on the “Belt and Road”

The 2017 SRIE will come to a close today. By June 5, Xi'’an has signed 238 projects, totaling RMB 659.994 billion yuan of investments, including large projects such as Wanda Cultural Tourism City, totaling RMB 66 billion yuan and small projects but with tremendous space for growth, such as Sanofi Biological Vaccines from Europe, with a total investment of RMB 1.06 billion yuan. Now Xi’an has become a hot investment city at home and abroad!

The investment in Xi’an from home and abroad is not only a recognition, but also a hope. On the one hand, we should continue to provide optimized, substantial and high-qualified service and make the advantage resources in Xi’an more attractive, such as the science and innovation resources, geographical location, industrial development, on the other hand, we should make full use of “Xi’an speed” and “Xi’an strength” to carry out these excellent projects and drive the development of Xi’an.

“Xi’an speed”, just as “Shenzhen speed” at the beginning of the Reform and Opening up, means to strive for the superior development speed and make Xi’an the benchmark of efficiency in the implementation of the strategy of “B&R” and during the great course of Xi’an’s development. “Xi’an strength” means to grasp various golden opportunities and to constantly expand and optimize various projecs, in order to firmly occupy the development advantages.

The obtaining of “Xi’an speed” and “Xi’an strength” largely depends on the launching of projects because great development certainly needs large projects and construction. Based on the “project landing list”, constantly optimize the environment and focus on the follow-up services; with intensified supervision, it is of great importance to ensure that all the signed contracts can be landed, constructed and put into production earlier so that earnings can be gained earlier.

The obtaining of “Xi’an speed” and “Xi’an strength” requires that all the efforts should be put on the projects. It is critical that the difficulties and problems of the projects can be detected, studied, solved at the first time; reduce all the unnecessary examination and approval and optimize the links as much as possible to maximize the concentration, accelerate speed and enhance efficiency.

As the major node city of “B&R”, Xi’an, to aim high and create a brilliant future, should start from the fundamental projects and strive to progress with great endeavor and strenuous work to make “Xi’an speed” and “Xi’an strength” the most shining name card in the city development