Various Measures Taken to Promote Shaanxi’s Time-honored Brands
Various Measures Taken to Promote Shaanxi’s Time-honored Brands
Date: 2017-6-28

Various Measures Taken to Promote Shaanxi’s Time-honored Brands


For many regions, the time-honored brands of catering are representative of local brand culture and regional features. The long-term inheritance of “China time-honored brands” in Shaanxi, including 11 catering enterprises, such as Xi’an Hotel, the Sun’s Family, Prosperity & Fortune Restaurant and De Fa Chang Restaurant attributes to their continuous innovation. Times are changing, however, the China time-honored brands still inherit the value of “openness basing on sincerity and justice outweighing benefit” and make progress by continuously innovating.

Currently, as the various increasing costs for catering industry, ever-growing demand of consumers and increasingly intense intra-type competition, the brand feature and management ideas that are represented by the time-honored brands agree with the tendency of new round consumption upgrade while faced with pressure. Challenges and opportunities coexist.

Taking the food as the first necessity and time-honored brands playing a combination of boxing

“Unexpectedly, there is braised pork rice cooked by the chef from time-honored brand restaurants among the meal served on the flight. It is so considerate that enjoys the popular support.”

A few days ago, Ms. Liang experienced the taste of home during the flight from Zhuhai to Xi’an. The package modeling featured with local style makes travelers from various regions slightly feel the breath of Shaanxi. That is the flight catering carried out by Xi’an Catering Co., Ltd. which cooperates with Hainan Airlines and provides the flight catering for 24 airline catering companies subordinated to Hainan Airlines.

Innovation is all-around, not only reflected in the transformation of traditional food but in changes for the marketing strategy and development patterns. Xi’an Catering Co., Ltd. has several well-known time-honored brands including Xi’an Hotel, Prosperity & Fortune Restaurant, The Sun’s Family and De Fa Chang Restaurant which shoulder the historic responsibility of carrying forward the Chinese cuisine culture, polishing the gold-lettered signboard and revitalizing the time-honored brand. Faced with the key problems for the inheritance and innovation of time-honored brand, Xi’an Catering Co., Ltd. abandons the conservative concept, comes close to the market, makes a bold trial, opens up the new market and gradually improves the vitality of time-honored brands by virtue of its own advantages.

According to Niu Lingdi, the Vice-General Manager of Xi’an Catering Co., Ltd., the “gold fried dumpling” developed by Xi’an Hotel is popular, in which case the small products gains a big market. The “rice and jujube cake in waffle”, a brand-new innovation combination product of Prosperity & Fortune Restaurant, is sold in the scenic spot with crowded people; this food is popular with the citizen and the daily maximum income arisen from this food exceeds ten-thousand yuan. The dumplings with full filling made by De Fa Chang Restaurant are entered into the residential community, convenience stores and pedlar’s market to facilitate the procurement of the citizen. The “mobile van of roast duck” and “orange flavored roast duck” of Xi’an Roast Duck Restaurant are entered into staff canteen of industrial and mining enterprises and public institutions. The sweet green rice ball from Grand HongKong Hotel becomes the fashionable gifts for ancestor worship in Qingming Festival. A series of featured food from Chunfasheng is created into the popular food by establishing small-scaled chain store. Since those featured products appear on the market, the daily earning of single product was increased from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan, even reaching over ten thousands yuan which is equivalent to the income from a store.

As the modern technologies including Internet, Microblog and Wechat are widely applied in businesses, the Internet marketing becomes one of the most important marketing strategies. In order to make the food industry bigger and stronger, it is needed to take the Internet as the medium, employ the modern marketing modes and marketing strategies, increasingly propagandize and popularize the products from all-round, multi-level and multi-dimension perspectives.

Taking the food as the medium and promoting the economic development of the Silk Road

The Silk Road originates in Shaanxi and also is a road to food culture.

Most of the people from countries and regions along the Silk Road believe in Islam. Therefore, the Islamic diet becomes the center of cooking culture of Silk Road. Islamic diet has the tremendous development prospect around the world. Xi’an Catering Co., Ltd. takes this opportunity to establish the communication marketing mode of “supermarket + distribution + Internet”, create the instant Beef and Mutton and Bread Pieces in Soup from The Sun’s Family and Prosperity & Fortune Restaurant as the time-honored featured product to make the product move towards the whole country and whole world, and improve the international operation capacity; strongly promotes the Shaanxi food to transform the regional advantages of the “Belt and Road” into the market advantages; explores the development pattern of “catering + culture + tourism” and creates the tourism depending on the food. Taking the food as the medium to promote the food industry development and economic development. Depending on the depth development helps to enhance the cultural value of Silk Road and boost development of the “Belt and Road” .

After the accelerated integration of Internet and all industries, the development of time-honored catering enterprises faces with more challenges. It is inevitable to exploit on-line markets. “Currently, we actively explore the mode of ‘Internet + featured industry’, cooperate with more professional network agencies, establish the Xi’an Catering Mall in Wechat, integrate the time-honored featured products subordinated to the company, realize the effective interaction of physical store and online sales, form the operating mode of ‘resource sharing, data interworking, centralized marketing and integral development’, and expand the online sales revenue”, said Niu Lingdi. The Company is actively boosting the transformation and upgrading of the company to bring the new vitality of this time-honored enterprise in new period.

Under the management of Xi’an Catering Co., Ltd., exert all energies to provide “Five-Star service” and comprehensively enhance the quality of food, environmental and sanitary quality. Taking those measures would make Shaanxi time-honored brands more well-known.