Major Projects Promote Export and Import Trades
Major Projects Promote Export and Import Trades
Date: 2017-8-10

Major Projects Promote Export and Import Trades


Since the very first export trade rated at only 52 tons, Shaanxi Beiyuan Chemical is now the business to feature top incomes in the Yulin area and to score 37,000 tons of export trades in July this year.

According to Xi’an Customs, the total import and export value reached 120.23 billion Yuan in the first half year, with a year-on-year increase of 26.9%, ranking among top 10 provinces in import/export value. The total export value amounted to 68.67 billion Yuan, growing by 42.6% and ranking 6th nationwide. The total import value amounted to 51.578 billion, increasing by 10.7%. Since this year, Shaanxi has been trying to promote exporting and importing businesses, and improved customs’ effectiveness to better serve export and import trade projects.

High-tech, mechanical, and traditional productions have been improved to show significant increase in annual rate of growth. In the first half of this year, the import and export value of mechanical and electrical products grew 27.05%, accounting for 81.7% of total provincial import/export value in the same period. In terms of total import and export value, hi-tech products grew by 31.8%, mineral products by 92.5%, and agricultural products by 11.9%, to which export of apple juice contributed 730 million, with a growth rate of 6.9%.

Until June 30 of this year, Shaanxi Province has completed the process of registrations of 12,428 exporting businesses, with an increase of 813 businesses compare to last year. Progressive businesses with successful importing and exporting projects have totaled 2342 businesses, to display a promotion in the field of exporting and importing trades in overall Shaanxi.

In terms of incoming investment trades, the overall relevant projects have improved the import and export value by 30.5%. Businesses such as Micron (Xi’an), and Samsung (China) have all been successful in the field of export and import trades. Licheng Semiconductor, with an increase of 13 times higher in export and import trades, is now top 3 importing and exporting business in Shaanxi. The three businesses’ import and export value takes up to 65.3% share of the overall provincial import and export value, to be categorized “the influence” of the provincial import and export value increase.

With the development of “the Belt and Road,” Shaanxi promotes import and export trades to Central Asia. The total import and export value to countries along “the Belt and Road” reached 13.32 billion Yuan with an increase of 13.8%. Other exports such as cars and apple juices have all increased by 43.7% and 18.3%, amounting to 450 million and 120 million respectively.

According to authorities from the department of commerce, Shaanxi is to expand the international market, and positively promote Shaanxi exports, to create a Shaanxi-styled productive, special, yet reasonable base.