Introduction to development zone
Date: 2017-9-11

The first development zone in Shaanxi Province was founded as early as in1991. In the attached great importance of the Provincial Committee and the provincial government, adhering to the “innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creation “which is taken as the scientific belief and power for the development zone’s economic and social development. Taking structural reform to promote structural adjustment ,taking the system innovation to guide scientific and technological innovation and to lead the talents to start an undertaking and creating more social wealth “ as the concrete development approach ,all the work of all levels of development zones in the whole province has been actively promoted. After the rapid development of more than 20 years ,currently , there are 27 development zones at the provincial level or above in Shaanxi Province. Among them, there are 12 state -level development zones, 23provincial-level development zones, covering the province's eleven urban areas, county Park more than 150, all over the province's counties, and there are 100 credibility industrial concentration areas which are built as the key construction. All levels of various development zones play an extremely strong role of leading, demonstration ,radiation and driving in promoting the opening up of Shaanxi optimizing the industrial  structure ,promoting the institutional innovation ,speeding up the urbanization and stimulating the economic development. They have become the major economic growth pole as well as the important force in achieving the leaping development of economy in Shaanxi. After years of development and innovation ,as Shaanxi  development zone’s  investment environment is increasingly being optimized and the investment scale is continually expanding , the economic scale and benefit have been significantly improved. From 2007 to the first half of 2014, a total of 10980 domestic cooperation projects have been introduced in Shaanxi with the paid-in investment of 1196.12 billion Yuan;909 accumulated foreign invested enterprises have been approved with the actual utilization of foreign capital of 11.921 billion dollars .74 enterprises of the world’s top 500 and 313 enterprises of Chinese top 500 which have invested and set up the office in Shaanxi ,mainly settle down in the development zones.

  Shaanxi development zones ,by virtue of their flexible mechanisms and the superior entrepreneurship and living environment ,have become the fertile ground for the middle and senior technical talents at home and abroad to start a business and investment. Only Xi’an High and New-tech Industrial Development Zone has over ninety thousand technical personnel of various types.There are 755 high-and new -tech enterprises successfully established by the professional technical personnel.

  As the experimental field and forerunner of shaanxi reform and opening -up, Shaanxi development zone persists in pragmatism ,pro-business and considerate service and makes the development zone truly realize the goal of the big society ,small institutions ,high efficiency ,good system ,beautiful environment and service of excellent quality through generous preferential policies, convenient on-stop service and creating excellent and livable environment ,thus powerfully ensuring the rapid economic development of the development zone.

  The young Shaanxi Development Zone gives wing to both humanity and science, brings harmony to both towns and villages, promotes coordinated development of both economy and society; and creates an idea environment to both entrepreneurship and residence .Now with human spirit as brush and emerging entrepreneurial culture as ink, it’s painting a magnificent picture of bright future.




12  National Level Development Zone :


Xi’an High-and New-tech Industrial Development Zone

Xi’an Economic Technology Development Zone

Shaanxi Aviation Economic Technology Development Zone

Shaanxi Aerospace Economic Technology Development Zone

Baoji High-and New-Tech Development Zone

Weinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Yulin High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Xianyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Yulin Economic Technology Development Zone

Hanzhong Economic Technology Development Zone

Yangling Agricultural High-tech Industrial Demonstration Zone

An kang High-tech Industrial Development Zone











The 23 provincial development zones:

Hancheng Economic Technology Development Zone

Fengxiang Hi-and New-tech Industrial Development Zone

BaojiFanlong Hi-andNew-tech Industrial Development Zone

Sanyuan Hi-and New-tech Industrial Development Zone

Fuping  Hi-and New-tech Industrial Development Zone

Fugu Hi-and New-tech Industrial Development Zone

Pucheng Hi-and New-tech Industrial Development Zone

Xi’an international port district

Xi'an Chanba ecological zone

Xi’an Jinghe Industrial Park

Xi’an Weiyang Industrial Park

Xi’an Fengjing Industrial Park

Xi’an Lantian Industrial Park

Weinan Economic Technology Development Zone

Xi’an Chanhe Economic Development Zone

Xi’an Baqiao Technology Industrial Park

Xi’an Guodu Education Technology Industrial Development Zone

Caijiapo Economic Technology Development Zone

BaojiMeixian Technology Industrial Park

Tongchuan New Area Economic Technology Development Zone

WeinalLuyanghu Modern Industrial Development Zone

Yan’an Economic and Technological Development Zone

Shangdan Circular Industrial Park