Shaanxi's Export and Import Trade Maintains High-speed Growth
Shaanxi's Export and Import Trade Maintains High-speed Growth
Date: 2017-9-30

Shaanxi's Export and Import Trade Maintains High-speed Growth 


In recent years, Shaanxi has accelerated and transformed the foreign trade development mode, focused on fostering new competitive advantages of foreign trade, and enabled more and more “Made in Shaanxi” and service brands to go global, achieving hi-speed growth of export and import trade, continuous increase of foreign trade business entities, and leapfrog development of foreign trade.

Over the past five years, Shaanxi’s foreign trade development has been put on “fast track”. Shaanxi’s foreign grade dependence rose from 6.4% in 2012 to 10.4% in 2016; cargo import and export trade volume rose from US$ 14.8 billion in 2012 to nearly US$ 30 billion in 2016, with the annual growth approximating 20%; the ratio of hi-tech product export expanded continuously… Shaanxi’s foreign trade has realized growth against the trend in the context of sluggish growth of global economy and rigorous import and export situations. In the first 8 months this year, the total import and export value of the province reached RMB 170.92 billion, up 32.6% on a year-on-year basis. Therein, the total export value reached RMB 101.96 billion, up 51.5%; the total import value RMB 68.96 billion, up 11.9%.

With the continuous advancing of the “Belt and Road” construction, Shaanxi’s trade with Central Asia multiplied. In the first half of this year, the import-export volume between Shaanxi and countries along “Belt and Road” has added up to RMB 13.32 billion, up 13.8%, and the trading volume with Central Asia has increased by 2.2 times. The growth of the province’s major commodities exporting to countries along “Belt and Road” is remarkable. For example, the automobile export value reached RMB 450 million, and apple juice RMB 120 million, up 43.7% and 18.3% respectively.

Shaanxi has highlighted export base construction, and focused on fostering new competitive advantages. In recent years, the province has vigorously carried out Shaanxi local brands export rejuvenation and foreign trade incubation project, fostered 14 provincial-level featured export bases, and established the provincial strategic alliance of global sales of plant extract. The province has achieved all-round growth in import and export of mechanical and electrical products, hi-tech products, and conventional products, with its foreign trade structure obviously optimized. In the first half, the province’s total import and export value of mechanical and electrical products increased by 27.05%, accounting for 81.7% of the province’s total of the same period; hi-tech products by 31.8%; mineral products by 92.5%; and agricultural products by 11.9%.

In addition, the province has vigorously advanced export and import trade customs clearance facilitation reform. At present, the electronic port serving customs clearance facilitation has been completed and put into successful operation. The international trade “single window” of national uniform standard has been launched, and the system has integrated three basic functions of standard-edition declarations of cargo, shipping bill, and means of transportation, and also contained service functions of the two featured applications of Shaanxi, namely “Access to Silk Road”, and exported fruits e-supervision and quality tracing system, helping improve enterprises’ customs clearance efficiency by over 70%. According to the data from Xi’an Customs, the total cargo handling of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport from January to August this year reached 165,000 tons, up 13.5%, and international freight 17,100 tons, up 70.6%; the number of Central Europe (Asia) trains launched by Xi'an International Trade & Logistics Park reached 125, with the total freight tonnages hitting 151,000 tons.

During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, Shaanxi will continue to strengthen the expansion of global market, accelerate to house the transfer of processing trade, and actively build export industry development bases featuring reasonable structural layout, distinctive commodity characteristics, strong housing and undertaking capacity, and complete supporting facilities. The province will strive to push its import and export trade value to RMB 400 billion by 2021, with annual growth of about 15%.