Achievements of 2017 Euro-Asia Economic Forum Released
Achievements of 2017 Euro-Asia Economic Forum Released
Date: 2017-9-30

Achievements of 2017 Euro-Asia Economic Forum Released 


An achievement briefing of 2017 Euro-Asia Economic was held in the afternoon of September 25. The Forum held 35 conferences and activities for communication and exchange, attracted participants from 76 countries and regions and reached a series of important consensuses and practical achievements.

A series of agreements were signed to firmly bring about important consensuses.

2017 Euro-Asia Economic Forum has attracted dignitaries, experts, scholars and famous entrepreneurs from 76 countries and regions, including China. During the Forum, a total number of 35 conferences and activities, such as dialogues, exhibitions, investment negotiations, human culture exchanges, were held and a series of important consensuses and practical achievements were reached.

In the sub conference of finance, extensive exchanges were carried out over the financial support into the financing for infrastructure projects initiated in the “Belt and Road” initiative. In the sub conference of science and technology, a cooperation agreement was reached for jointly building an APEC International Talent Training Base for Technology Transfer; China Education Investment & Financing Report was issued for the first time in the sub conference of education; Initiative on “Building a Green Silk Road Together: Improving Partnerships among Eco-cities” was released in the sub conference of Ecology, all of which have brought about the important consensuses that were reached in the “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Forum.

Major projects accelerate the construction of Xi’an’s new areas for reform and opening up.

Contracts for a series of major projects, which have strong demonstrative effects, were signed for accelerating the construction of Xi’an’s new areas for feform and opening up.

Euro-Asia Economic Comprehensive Park Development Forum & the “Belt and Road” Round Table Conference on Industrial Park Development made their alliance declarations, one of which is to establish the “Belt and Road” Industrial Development Complex with an estimated fund-raising volume of CNY 50 billion. China Western International Conference on Electronic Commerce has signed six key projects centralized in e-commerce, which accumulates up over CNY 2 billion. A series of events, such as the Special Job Affair for Returned Talents and the Signing Ceremony of China (Xi'an) International Talent Cooperation, took place in the sub conference of human resources. In the opening ceremony of Beidou Industrial Internationalization Development Forum on September 26, Shaanxi Beidou Industry Military-Civilian Cooperative Innovation Center was planned to be set up with an initial Beidou Industry Fund of CNY 5 billion, which will be followed by another CNY 15 billion. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum of International Conference and Exhibition made a global announcement of its construction plan of Xi'an Silk Road International Conference and Exhibition Center and kicked off the Silk Road Exhibition Maker Competition of 2018 Euro-Asia Economic Forum.

In addition, this Forum has also held sub forums in the cities of Baoji and Hancheng for the first time.

To expand cooperation in international production capacity and build a more pragmatic platform

The “Belt and Road” International Production Capacity Expo mainly briefed the achievements in the international cooperation in production capacity. During the Expo, 130 potential cooperation projects were consented and more than 500 orders were placed, with prospective transaction volume of about CNY 1.12 billion. Especially, Xi'an Key Industrial Cluster Exhibition Area arranged its exhibition area based on the industrial development plan and its corresponding layout in Xi’an, which serves as an important platform for international cooperation in production capacity between Xi’an and the countries along the Silk Road.

During the Silk Road Transnational Enterprise Cooperation Summit and Euro-Asia Economic Forum Investment Negotiation, Xi’an has signed agreements of strategic cooperation on four major cooperation projects, including the one with the newly established company in Suez. The total investment for the project Wisdom Valley of Western Zhejiang is CNY 20 billion. The Innovative Cooperation Seminar between Xi'an and Israel launched the Overall Idea of Cooperation with Israeli. The contract of building a Silk Road Cyber Port was signed in the first Silk Road Network Industry Innovation and Development Summit for advancing the next generation of network information technology. Innovative Economy & Emerging Industries Forum has reached agreements on the conservation of natural heritages with the World Conservation Union, including the world cultural heritage application for the Great Qinling Mountains. The Silk Road Innovation Design and Research Institute was set up during the Silk Road International Creative Design Week. A cooperation agreement was signed between Xi’an Beilin University-based Innovation Industrial Belt and the American Chinese Academy in University of Southern California.

This Forum has integrated regional hot issues, national strategies, Shaanxi and Xi'an elements together into the dialogues, business negotiations and cooperation projects, which are vital for Xi’an to promote the construction of “Belt and Road", enhance its export-oriented economy, and accelerate the pragmatic development of the Forum.