Innovation design week opens in Xi'an
Innovation design week opens in Xi'an
Date: 2017-9-30

Innovation design week opens in Xi'an

Xi'an is currently hosting the First Silk Road International Innovation Design Week from Sept 21 to 29.

The ancient Chinese capital stands at the starting point of the Silk Road and has a history stretching back 5,000 years, making it an ideal host for the gathering of more than 740 government officials, designers, businesspeople, experts and scholars from the region.

During the nine-day event, the officials and experts will discuss how to drive Xi'an's economic and social development through innovation design.

Clifford Pearson, director of the University of Southern California's American Academy in China (AAC), praised the event. "We found it to be a very productive experience and hope to help Xi'an move forward in the future. AAC hopes to help with that effort too. Congratulations on such a great event," Clifford said.

At the event, Silk Road Innovation Design Institute was launched. Xi'an Beilin University-Based Innovation Industrial District signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Southern California's AAC, and the Silk Road Thousand Talents program for big data technologies was launched.

As an open platform to gather innovative thoughts and ideas, attract technologies and capital, the event strives to achieve joint development and sharing, as well as promote regional economic and cultural exchange.