Shaanxi Province: Six Major Projects to Build Core Ports of the “Belt and Road”
Shaanxi Province: Six Major Projects to Build Core Ports of the “Belt and Road”
Date: 2018-1-12

Shaanxi Province: Six Major Projects to Build Core Ports of the “Belt and Road”

According to the Plan of Shaanxi Province Port Development During the 13th Five-Year Plan Period released yesterday, in the next five years, by implementing a number of key projects to make key ports, specialized ports and designated ports bigger and stronger, Shaanxi Province is to make the ports in the province the strategic supporting point in the Silk Road Economic Belt. By the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), the number of people and throughput of cargos entering and exiting Shaanxi will be 15% more than that in the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015).

The Plan lists the key projects as follows:

Project of optimizing port layout. A big port system will be formed which connects air, railway and highways to each other, to boost the inland port of Xi’an to be the important collecting and distributing center of logistics and trade.

Project of enhancing port and industrial park. Centering on the export business of featured industries such as intelligent manufacturing, science and technology and culture, fruit production in central Shaanxi region, the import and export industrial chain will be shaped, which includes the supporting air-centered economy, “non-local freight depot”, international express delivery, to make the central Shaanxi region the core section of Shaanxi Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Project of applying for key port status. Yan’an and Yulin will be supported to make application for being air ports opening up to the outside world. The application of ports of Yangling demonstration zone, Tongchuan, Ankang, Shangluo will also be sped up. The network of Shaanxi Pilot Free Trade Zone in import and export will be improved to raise the trade facilitation level.

Project of transcending in e-port sector. The e-port will be made as the breakthrough point of transcending in the building of ports of Shaanxi Province. Platforms of Internet of Things, big data exchanges, e-commerce and information sharing will be established or improved to raise the digitalization and intelligence of ports, targeted to reach top 3 places of China at the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan period.

Project of leading key enterprises. On the basis of cementing and raising the customs clearance service level for foreign businesses such as Samsung, Micron, enterprises with close ties to port-based economy will be cultivated and expanded, with a view to creating 10,000 export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises and 1,000 varieties of featured goods for export.

Project of supporting key projects: Key projects for building ports and a number of port projects that serve the small and medium-sized export-oriented enterprises and rural areas will be advanced.