The Three Buddies’ debut was staged in Xi’an
Date: 2018-11-2

The Three Buddies’ debut was staged in Xi’an

The debut of the drama Three Buddies directed by Adrian Noble, the director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, was performed in Xi’an on the evening of October 28th. The drama demonstrates an excellent story about “love” and “search” in the forms of music, dance, acrobatics, chorus, etc.

The Three Buddies tells the story about a lonely boy with no one cares about him, who meets an obsolete robot and an amnesiac terracotta warrior, and then they start a magical and warm tour to identify themselves through traveling from the past to the present.

Although directed by a British director, the drama is full of chinoiserie of the Qin and Han dynasties. Adrian said that he had read nearly 20 books to accurately understand and present Chinese culture. “I’m honored to cooperate with these Chinese artists. The drama has promoted art exchanges and integration between the two countries.” He also expressed his wish that the Three Buddies would be performed on the world stage to attract younger audience.

As for the reality issues, the producer Sa Dingding said that the contradiction between the virtual world and the real world has been a question encountered by people around the world. “I hope that the drama can help the youth to put down their phones, keep away from the virtual world and value their family, friends and their real company,” said Sa Dingding.

The Three Buddies will continue to be staged another 19 times in Xi’an and start its world tour in Britain in 2019.